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Becoming LOVE

I found this once on Facebook and I thought it would be nice to share with you. Learning to love is a hard thing. When I first met my now husband Nathan, I began praying for God to help me understand what it was to BE LOVE. I started with 1 Corinthians 13 since it's known to many as the "Love Chapter." I began going through the description of love one by one, starting with verse 4 which says, "Love is patient..." What better way to get on track to becoming love than to learn patience. I had NO IDEA  what I was getting myself into. Patience is STILL being worked in me! It's been 5 and a half long years since I prayed that prayer and I feel that I am just barely beginning to grasp the exercise and practice of patience. I had to be patient during our courtship and patient waiting for him to propose and patient waiting for the wedding day to come. Now it's patience in a whole NEW way. Patiently learning how to mesh the differences of two ver

Need A Lift?

There are a couple scriptures that I turn to in case of well needed encouragement. I am in the procss of turning feelings into simple emotions... instead of the mood enhancers I've often given them credit of being. I found this task to be one of somewhat difficulty when I'm thinking on and dreading over things I cannot control (and frankly have no place trying to control).  The following scripture has changed the way I approach my wandering thoughts. I keep them in check and don't let them have any room or any vote of their own. It is also a little hard at times of financial struggle to not worry about where the food will come from, or the gas that's needed to get to work, or even having a job itself. This scripture has become somewhat of an anthem for my life. It has opened my eyes to how important I am to my Father and Creator. He cares about me and He will always provide! I truly hope these scriptures bring some encouragement to you. Worry and an