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When Jill Came Tumbling After

The sun had not shown it's face for years. She cried so much she had no tears. In a place hidden beyond her fears, She wept a thousand sighs. In sorrow, she moped about the town. Her face had only seen a frown, Since the boy who broke his crown, Would never more be nigh. Hope was but a distant dream, In times of fairy tales, it'd seem. Laying by the simple stream, They built after he died. A mourning girl of no more fight, Left alone and quite contrite, Used to be her dad's delight, Sweared that she had tried. The accusations flew about. Accidental, yet with doubt. They could not keep it up without, Proof of her foul play. They tried their might to prove her guilt, But as she stood among the silt, She grasped at last the wooden hilt, And knew no other way. "I've done no wrong!" she proclaimed "I do not know why you have blamed, This tragedy that left me lame, was none of it my fault!" The