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Raising Arrows

I was reading in Psalm tonight and I came across a scripture that amazed my heart. It stuck with me in a wonderful way. Nathan and I have been slowly readying our home for the blessing we know God is going to give us and Psalm 127:3-5 just reminded me how children are a sweet reward from Him. It also reminds me that when we raise children, we raise arrows. We are raising warriors for God's tribe. We are raising soldiers for God's army. I want to raise arrows. I want to be that mom who equips her children with the love of God and the virtues necessary to be not only efficient, but mighty opponents of the enemy. I want our kids to be ready for anything the world throws at them because their roots will be deeply planted and watered by the Word of God. I want them to not only be reactive, but to be proactive members of the body of Christ. I want their testimonies to shine brighter than the glitz & glam the world uses to lure our youth in. I want them to be effective and sha

Lovealee Thoughts

A Little About Me I am the wife to an amazing husband after God's own heart, a special education teacher who pioneered a program for students with autism displaying moderate to severe behavioral problems. I used to work in the trauma OR at our local hospital, but once our miracle baby was born, I was allowed the opportunity to live my dream as a stay at home mom. Together we are involved in leadership at our church (Church of God of Prophecy Madera) where we are active in all kinds of ministries including: music, teaching, and even preaching on occasion.  Truth is, having a baby was something my body resisted. The doctors said one thing, but God promised us a child and we believed and rested in that promise. So instead of being worried about what might or might not be, we trusted God to carry out His promise by making the house improvements and getting the nursery ready for our little miracle. She was worth every moment we waited for her. What is "Lovealee"?