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Can You Handle It?

Your baby has cancer. She's not quite a baby anymore, but she's your only child... a miracle birthed from years of infertility and hormone treatments. She is the center of your world. You spent her entire childhood protecting her as best as you could. You prayed for her daily. You raised her up in the ways of the Lord. You've watched her grow into a beautiful young woman who is compassionate and caring. She lights up every room she enters and she truly has been a blessing from God. You are so thankful that God has allowed you a daughter so precious, but there she lies in that hospital bed and you are unable to make it better. This is one boo-boo you can't kiss. You'd trade places with her in a heartbeat, but God has not granted that request thus far. She's not upset, but you are. The mounting medical bills, the straining to hold onto hope that she will be healed, the days you've missed at work that have led to excessive worrying about your job securi