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Please note: This was a post I have struggled to publish. I have not used this blog too often to put too much personal information out there, but after studying about  unity and maturity in the body of Christ  through Ephesians, I knew I needed to be authentic. I hope you accept the following with open arms, knowing that I am bearing my very soul to you.Not many people know the struggle that I have faced, but I am beginning to realize that it's important to share in each other's burdens . SO here I bear my burdens, sharing with you in my heartache, that I might also encourage you, bearing your burdens as my own. Today is Mother's Day. Growing up, I never dreamed that this day could be associated with anything but happiness, joy, and thankfulness. When we experienced the miscarriage of our only baby on October 31st 2014, bracing myself for Mother's Day was something I didn't think to do. With the pain of my loss and everything on my plate with Christmas j

Becoming Unveiled

I am a daily reader of the emails I get from Jennifer at the Unveiled Wife. Almost everyday they hit just the right chord with what is going on in my life at that very moment, verifying the fact that she is prayerful in the way she words her emails and blog posts. I know that she is an instrument used by our Mighty God to witness to me exactly when I need to be moved by Him. Something I have recently learned through reading Jennifer's book  is the importance of being unveiled. - First and foremost, I am constantly striving to become most honest and transparent with the One who knows me better than I know myself, my Lord, Jesus Christ. I have begun to grow in my relationship with Him, through my transparency, in ways I would have never expected to grow. - Secondly, I'm learning to be open with my husband, choosing to have intimate conversations about the corners of my mind I have previously chosen to keep hidden. I feel our bond has deepened tremendously and our