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Bored of the Bible?

Honesty time:
I have struggled with possessing the desire to read my Bible on and off for years.
There it is. Out in the open. The ugly truth for all to see.
This Christian, God fearing, Sunday School teaching, children church preaching woman has issues with reading her Bible on the daily.

I've had those seasons of being on fire for God and devouring every word I could get my hands on, but I've also had those seasons of being so bored with the Bible that I really struggled to keep my eyes open while reading. I'm pretty sure we ALL face this issue at least once in our Christian walk, but a lot of people are simply too ashamed to be honest about it. Frankly, I have been ashamed myself, hiding my lack from those who thought I should be better than I really am deep down inside.

The truth is, everyone has their struggles and we all have different reasons as to why we struggle like we do. Be encouraged!! There's more to having time with Jesus than simply reading the Bible. Let's dig deeper into some pretty cool ways to spend time with God & your Bible:

During one of my "struggle seasons" I stumbled across a post in my Instagram feed of someone who had discovered something called Illustrated Faith. (I will go more into detail about this in my next post.) It's an amazing way to be creative IN your Bible. I'm talking stickers, stamps, colored pencils, water colors, project life journaling cards, the whole shebang! I gotta tell you, it's amazing and it opened up a whole new channel for my creativity, bringing me closer to God. 

Another really cool thing that helped me was the Word of Promise audio Bible. This Bible is an audio dramatization using well-known actors are the main characters. Think about the old radio stories where they took time with sound effects and music. This is like that, but BETTER!! It's great for those times when you can't read (work, driving, eye procedures, etc.) or when you want to follow along in your Bible! I highly recommend it!

Finding a great reading group that keeps your accountable is a great way to enhance your time with God. Women Living Well offers a free program called Good Morning Girls where you can join a group that reads the same chapter of the same book every weekday. The group moderator will pose a reflection question each day and the group will respond. Each group is run differently, responding in whatever way is most convenient for that group. If you feel you are strong enough in your faith, consider starting a group of your own, as I did! We followed along with the Good Morning Girls calendar for our first book, then decided to branch out and mold the study to our ladies needs. It's a great way to help build healthy habits of reading your Bible daily, as well as building relationships with your sisters-in-Christ.
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Another way is to memorize scripture. Perhaps you haven't thought about doing this since they made you in grade aged Sunday School. Or maybe you feel like it's something beyond you to accomplish. Well, it's not! Out of your daily reading, select a scripture that spoke to your heart and write it on all the mirrors in your house with a dry erase marker. This way, when you check your outer-self, it'll remind you to check your inner-self as well.

Have you even noticed that you feel so much more connected to God in nature?? Maybe you simply need to relocate your quiet time. This might be difficult if you're super busy or far from nature, but something simple like a vase of flowers next to your Bible can remind you of how wonderful and awesome God really is!!

Sometimes we have a hard time reading the Bible because we know deep down inside that we are not where we should be with God. Having unresolved issues or sins you haven't repented for can be a huge hindrance to receiving all God has in store for you. Start by loosing up your he heart strings by singing! Put on some worship music, close your eyes and sing along. Wear headphones if you can't stand the sound of your own voice. lol. Little by little, open your heart and start to let down your walls. Allow the Holy Spirit to move within you and begin to pray. Once you've cleared the air with God, while you're still in the mode of worship, open your Bible and read. Sometimes it's how we approach daily reading & time with God, that determines how we will enjoy that time.

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire and/or help you to dig deeper in your daily personal time with God. I hope that you find your niche and that you make Jesus a priority in your schedule. It's not hard to find time to spend in the Word, when it's something we enjoy. So find what makes it best for YOU!!


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