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A New Chapter in Faith

We visited a revival at a friend's church a few years ago. The preacher was praying in the mist of a Spirit-filled alter call. My mind was bombarded with the words of my OBGYN ( you can read my struggle here ) and when the Spirit moved within me, my heart began to cry out for God to answer my many prayers. My soul had felt so heavy at the thought that my dreams might never be realized. I wanted to be a mom more than anything and I was processing the fact that it was possible I may never hold my very own offspring in my arms. I was heartbroken, depressed and longing to hear from God.  And that's when He spoke to me, clear as day, loud and strong. I wasn't in the altar, but He met me where I was. "I hear your prayers and I know your heart. You will give birth to a child.  It will be your own flesh and blood.  Have faith in Me. You will be a mom." God answered me. He answered ME. Who am I that He thought enough of me to let me hear His voice? Who