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Little Steps of Faith

November 14, 2010 I posted to Facebook: "Why did I go there?   Why didn't he?" Nathan had just dropped me off at home after we finally had the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary. We had been in our courtship for 3 years and I was expecting more out of our time together than he was. We were on the same page when we agreed to enter this relationship with the intent to get married, but somewhere in the waiting, we got out of sync. Nathan was working for Fresno County Parks and Recreation and didn't have the finances to raise a family, so he refused to officially propose until he could afford to take care of me. It made me so frustrated and I sadly met every milestone with hopeful anticipation that he might put a ring on it. I remember so vividly how I felt when I posted this. I went to dinner that night thinking he was going to finally propose - and when he didn't I was crushed inside. I spent the night and the better part of the next day crying into