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So Worth It

I realize that I have not been as active on this blog lately as I would like to be, but I've recently come to a very important realization.
My child is worth it.

She is worth my undivided attention.
She is worth my time.
She is worth missing showers.
She is worth messy top knots.
She is worth a face without make up (and in my case- eyebrows).
She is worth a dirty house and a sink full of dirty dishes.
She is also worth all the headaches and loss of sleep and exhaustion.
She is worth everything I can offer, but I know my time is the most important thing I can give her right now. I know that time is short and life is fleeting. We never know what the next hour may bring. I want to live in the now. I want to cherish every sloppy drooling kiss. I want to cherish every hug and cuddle. I want to cherish every cry for "mama" paired with outstretched arms. I want to cherish every smile, laugh, and giggle. I want my daughter to know that I love her and I will always be a soft place for her to land. I want her to know Jesus. I want to teach her right from wrong. I want to lead her down the path that will enrich her earthly life and give her an amazing eternal life.
Sometimes later never comes, so I chose now. I chose her.


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