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Never Forget... What made us Stronger

I know that it’s been 17 years and it’s hard for some people to remember what that day meant for us as a nation, but I will never forget what it meant for me as a nieve high school student who didn’t think things like that could happen here in America. My tiny bubble of life was popped and I was thrust into a world of terrorism and fear and endless questioning. Glued to my television that day, I w itnessed acts of bravery, a community coming together to help each other, endless tears, death, families in mourning, hope that loved ones would found, prayer. Ignorance was bliss, but that day, my eyes were opened to the truths that children in other countries have known their entire lives. That was the day my prayers began to change. My capacity for compassion grew and my understanding of the world would never be the same again. I might not have personally lost someone to the events of 9/11, but I gained a new part of myself that day and it made me stronger. Today I not only pray for t