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Sometimes you just CANT

I feel like I've been pretty honest about my journey with mental health, yet I don't always go around advertising it. I like to know that the treatments I'm receiving are indeed working as they should, so I like to drop the bomb on people to see if they've ever noticed without me expressly handing them the information. With that being said, I also try to keep things as positive as possible. I try to look at the blessings over the trials, the triumphs over the failures, the highs over the lows. I don't, however, want people to have the wrong impression of my life, their lives, or lives in general.  NO LIFE IS PERFECT. PERIOD. Every single smiling face in an Instagram story, has a hidden truth that the camera didn't quite capture. EVERYONE goes through struggles. We ALL have moments of being bombarded with feelings of inadequacy, failure, and loss. I never want my social media posts to be misleading, in allowing others to believe that my life is perfect